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It’s time for our Five Faves! Yay!

Here are our Five Fave Maven Minutes (so far) to help you connect with, and take action on, all those dreams you have for yourself:

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    finding freedom

    Last week we sat down with Kari Chapin and her husband Eric Nixon to talk about their lives, their freedoms and the ways in which they support one another.

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    Truthy Tuesday with Luna Jaffe

    {By Guest Maven, Luna Jaffe}

    When I starting selling my hand painted silk I was 23 years old.

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    jena corayIn what may be one of the largest ironies in life, I think that finding true freedom requires lots of support.

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    Truthy Tuesday with Caylie Price

    {By guest maven, Caylie Price}

    Eighteen months ago my blog and business were effectively a hobby.

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    jen neitzelA friend of mine was telling a story recently about her husband and a house that they used to own together.

    Then the house sold easily and quickly without completing all the items on the list.

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    Sometimes to do lists, and the items on them, don’t really matter as much as we think they do.

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    Here are some delicious (and totally nutritious!) drink recipes to keep you cool when you’re working or playing hard: